Saha Academy High Technology Education Program

With the cooperation of SAHA Istanbul and ElectraIC, an internationally recognized high technology education program has started. Duolos training is given with a 30% discount to develop the human resources of the sector and to deliver the training to more participants.

Xilinx, FPGA, VHDL, SystemVerilog, UVM, SystemC, ARM, Embedded Linux, Deep Learning, 33 different training courses, which are the most preferred, thanks to Doulos and ElectraIC trainers who are experts in their fields, in English or Turkish according to the preferences of their customers, fully equipped private held in training halls.

ElectraIC is one of only 5 Certified Solution Partners of Doulos, which provides the world’s highest quality training services.

  • Instructor pool in different countries of the world with 20+ years of experience in their field
  • Wide training portfolio: 33 different training options
  • Flexible training place attendance:
  • Training open to everyone in the country,
  • Training to be organized for you at your facility,
  • Training held abroad,
  • LOT (Live Online Training), Live distance training,
  • In-Class-Remote (Live in Class) training.

This Training is offered with a 30% discount within the scope of SAHA ACADEMY.