Frequently Asked Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What distinguishes SAHA MBA Executive MBA (eMBA) Program from Other MBA Programs?

SAHA MBA eMBA Program; It is a program to train and develop managers who are inspired by their values ​​and who will carry their organization and employees to the top with their knowledge and energy. It is an exclusive program prepared in the needs of the participants and companies.

The SAHA MBA curriculum has been prepared by examining the eMBA Programs of the 15 most popular universities in the world, at an equivalent level and quality.

This program, which prepares leaders for the defence industry with special courses designed to support the divergence of “Corporate Companies” and “Family Companies” in the defence industry, is one of the most important MBA programs with international standards.

The program, which consists of 42 training topics and approximately 350 hours, prepared with the help of experts, reveals its difference with the new skills it has gained.

The SAHA MBA program, created by the SAHA Istanbul defence aerospace and Space Cluster, which is a member of more than 700 companies from 56 fields of activity, is a program that comes from within the sector and aims to develop human resources by assimilating the needs of the sector and international standards.

Will Diplomas Be Given to Those Who Complete the Program?

Our MBA students who successfully complete the SAHA MBA Program will be given a certificate signed by the President of TÜBİTAK and the Chairman of the SAHA Istanbul Board of Directors.

All trainings and grades taken during the training period will be presented in the transcripts.

How many days will the program last in total?

It will take approximately 350 hours with 42 training topics under 4 themes. The trainings, which will start on September 6, will be completed in June. The trainings will be held online on Wednesday evenings and face-to-face at the training centers on the weekends.

How is the SAHA MBA Program Teaching Staff Formed?

The best local and foreign scientists, professional trainers and expert staff of TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE, managers of leading companies in the sector and senior bureaucrats, who are in contact with the business world, came together for this program.

Program Nasıl Uygulanacak?

The SAHA MBA Program will start on September 6, 2022 and will end at the end of June. The curriculum has been designed in a setup where online and face-to-face training are intertwined to fit the schedule of the participants working in an existing workplace.

It will be held online on Wednesdays on weekdays between 20.00-22.00, and on weekends between 09.00-17.00, mostly on Saturdays, and the program, which will be applied for approximately 350 hours, will be opened in the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. The quota is 60 people, 30 in Istanbul and 30 in Ankara.

How can I register?

The program application process will begin after the candidate fills in and sends the information in the pre-application link. It will continue with the confirmation notification that SAHA Istanbul will send to the participants after the necessary examinations and calculation of CV points and will be completed after the registration fee is paid.